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Why Bikes?

The Highrock Bike Lab began in 2017 when some members of Highrock Arlington started using the basement of the former Mill building to store and fix up donated bikes for our neighbors at Menotomy Manor. It soon became a way to serve our community and make church accessible to our neighbors by creating a space where people could learn how to care for and repair their own bikes.

Today, thanks to the help of a local Eagle Scout, the Bike Lab is equipped with tools, work stands, work benches, and even a limited amount of spare parts available to people looking to repair their bike, learning how to do so, or wanting to fix up bikes for donation to their community.

Clinics & Tutorials

The Bike Lab hosts several tutorials and outreach events throughout the year on every last Thursday night of each month. Anyone willing to learn is welcome – there is no age minimum or limit!  Kids are welcome and often some of our best students!
At these events, you can:

  • learn basic bike-repair skills
  • have an expert look at your bike
  • make connections in your local community

Donations of Bikes (and Bike Parts) Welcome!

We are a 100% volunteer-run community service, so we’re always accepting donations of bicycles (all types, in working order or not), bike parts, helmets, tools, pumps, inner tubes, and tires. We can always use new, spare parts to fix up bikes. Not sure if a bike or part is useful? Donate it! We’ll figure out how to use it!

Let's Talk!

Already know how to fix your own bike? Want to share your knowledge with others? Let us know! We’d love your help volunteering at one of our clinics or an evening repair session of donated bikes.

Have questions about donations, using the space, or are interested in volunteering? Email

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