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Our Sunday worship services are central spaces for fellowship and faith formation. We gather to hear from God through the Bible and teaching, highlight communal concerns, and explore tough questions together.


As often as possible, all congregations hear the same sermon each week – whether preaching in person or on screen. Did we mention that solidarity is one of our values? Studying the same Bible passage is one way that we practice solidarity.

Join the Conversation

Discuss what you are learning with others! Join a sermon discussion group or other small group or chat with the Highrock Online congregation via Zoom at 11:00am ET on Sundays.

Note: If the video player below links you to a “premiere,” simply visit the full playlist on YouTube to find the latest published worship service.


Current Series

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Luke: Kingdom Costs

February 18–March 24, 2024

Luke: Kingdom Costs

The word passion means to love something so much that you are willing to suffer for it. Throughout the Gospel of Luke, we see Jesus willing to suffer for the things that he loves, and this willingness will eventually culminate in the Cross. This Lent we will consider, do we love the Kingdom of God like Jesus does? Would we allow that love to grow so that we also would be willing to pay the kind of costs that Jesus pays? Wherever you are on your faith journey, we hope you will join us as we reflect on Jesus’s great love for us, and how that love might compel us to pay great costs in response.

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