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Highrock’s four congregations pursue the same mission, vision, and values. Congregations share financial resources, staff, and Council members and regularly participate in events and ministries together, both in person and online.

New to Highrock

  • Family Ministries

    Family ministries serve children and youth while also equipping parents with resources.

    Family Ministries
  • Communities & Ministries

    Communities and ministries are specialized groups with ongoing programming and events, sometimes overlapping with class offerings.

    Communities & Ministries
  • Small Groups & Classes

    Small groups and classes are limited-time programs at specific times and places (including many online).

    Small Groups & Classes
  • New to Highrock

    Ask questions, encounter God, explore the Bible, find community, and discover how God might be asking you to serve others.

    New to Highrock
  • Membership

    Read on to see how to engage deeper with your Highrock community!