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Our Story, Mission, & Values

Our Story

Highrock began in 1999 around a dinner table. A small group of believers shared a dream for a church where people of all backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities could encounter Jesus. In time, this small group became a congregation, outgrowing several spaces in Cambridge and Somerville. In the Spring of 2006, Highrock set down roots in Arlington. The church continued to multiply, and over the next 12 years, planted churches all over greater Boston, and even in Tokyo! Today Highrock exists as a dynamic and diverse spiritual community with congregations worshiping and serving in several locations across Greater Boston and online. We’re one church, with multiple expressions, excited about what Jesus can do through the lives of ordinary people! We hope you’ll take the time to get to know us and join in what God is doing at Highrock!

Our Vision:

Seeing more people Connect to God Personally, Connect to God’s People and Connect to God’s Purposes.


Our Logo

The combination of an upwardly directed arrow, a house, and a starburst, our logo is representative of the three core aspects of what we are all about: Transformation through connecting to God personally, connecting to God’s people, and connecting to God’s purposes.

Our Mission

Create Christian Christian communities that inspire curiosity, courage and compassion.

  • At Highrock we believe that we are never “finished.” There are always more ways to grow, more things to learn, more depth and breadth to pursue. And this journey starts with curiosity. We want to be curious about ourselves, and quick to ask questions about our motivations, assumptions, and patterns. We want to be curious about others. What can they teach us? How can we be in community together? Where might our biases reinforce divisions? 

    And we especially want to be curious about God! God’s thoughts are beyond our thoughts and His ways are beyond our ways. So we constantly explore the Scriptures together, encourage questions, seek to learn from many voices, and hold our convictions with humility.

  • For many, being courageous is simply an excuse to reinforce cultural divides and an “us versus them” mentality. But at Highrock, we mean something different. For us, courage begins by taking an honest look at ourselves. Because God’s grace has freed us from shame, we can look at the hard and painful parts of our lives. We can confess our sin, be vulnerable with others, and pursue God’s healing even in the places that seem impossible.

    As we are transformed by God’s love, we follow Jesus into taking risks for the sake of others. We know that radical generosity, practicing solidarity, breaking boundaries, the pursuit of holiness, and so much more will seem foolish to those around us. But that’s OK. We can have the courage to live selfless, sacrificial lives because Jesus was selfless and sacrificial for us. 

  • At nearly every turn we are encouraged to look out for ourselves, prioritize our own needs, and cultivate lives of comfort. But Jesus calls us to a new way- a life of compassion. Jesus truly saw the people around him. He saw their needs, their fears, their loneliness. He saw the things that kept them from a full life with God and others. Instead of turning away, Jesus stepped in to address these needs, even at great cost to himself.

    The compassion of Jesus has been an inspiration throughout history, and it inspires us today as well. We want to follow Jesus into sharing the burdens of others, seeking the good of our neighbors, removing barriers that keep people from participating in God’s purposes. Over the years, Highrockers have embodied Christ’s compassion in countless creative ways, And we believe this is just the beginning!

Our Denomination & Beliefs

Highrock is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Church, a Protestant denomination of the world wide Christian Church. Our core beliefs are outlined in what we call The Covenant Affirmations. Their purpose is to make clear the values and principles that guide us.

Church Plants

Over the years Highrock has planted multiple churches in the Greater Boston Area, each of which began as a Highrock congregation or “campus.” Many of these congregations have now been sent out to operate as independent churches, though remaining as “siblings” under a shared denomination. We cherish these churches and are grateful for our history together!

Churches listed in alphabetical order.