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| November 1, 2023

Website Accessibility Statement


At Highrock, we are committed to ensuring that our website is accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We strive to make our online content and services available to the widest possible audience, in accordance with applicable accessibility guidelines and standards.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to providing an inclusive online experience for all visitors. To ensure accessibility, we follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2, Level AA. These guidelines provide a comprehensive framework to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities. We continually work to enhance the user experience and remove barriers that may prevent equal access.

Website Accessibility Features

Here are some of the key features and practices we have implemented to make our website more accessible:

  1. Alternative Text: We use descriptive alt text for images to provide information for screen readers and other assistive technologies.
  2. Keyboard Navigation: Our website is navigable using only a keyboard, without the need for a mouse.
  3. Clear and Consistent Layout: We maintain a consistent layout and design to make it easier for users to predict where to find information.
  4. Resizable Text: Users can adjust the text size on our website according to their preferences.
  5. Captions and Transcripts: Multimedia content, such as videos, includes captions or transcripts for individuals with hearing impairments.
  6. User-Friendly Forms: We ensure that all forms on our website are easy to complete and submit for individuals who use screen readers.
  7. Compatibility: We aim for compatibility with a wide range of assistive technologies and web browsers.

Ongoing Efforts

We recognize that accessibility is an ongoing commitment, and we are continually working to improve our website. Our team regularly reviews and updates our content, design, and functionality to meet evolving accessibility standards.

Feedback and Contact Information

We welcome feedback from our users on their experience with our website. If you encounter any accessibility barriers or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at Your input is valuable to us as we strive to enhance the accessibility of our website.

Third-Party Content

Some content on our website may be supplied by third parties. While we make every effort to ensure this content is accessible, we cannot control the accessibility of external websites or content.

Accessibility Assistance

If you require assistance accessing the content on our website, please reach out to us at We are committed to providing the necessary support to help you access the information you need.

Modification of This Statement

We reserve the right to modify or amend this accessibility statement at any time. Changes will be reflected on this page with the date of the last update.


Highrock is committed to making our website accessible to all individuals, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. We strive to create an inclusive online environment and welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Your experience is important to us, and we are dedicated to enhancing accessibility for everyone.