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YAC - CG - May 2020




Young Adult Community

Transitions and Transformations

If there is one word that defines the “young adult” life stage, it’s “transition.” We transition out of college into professional or graduate school life. We transition from being a dependent to being dependable. We transition from following to leading. Some transition from singleness to marriage. While managing all these transitions can be confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming, it can also be empowering, enlightening, and full of opportunity for tremendous growth.

The Young Adults Community at Highrock exists to facilitate meaningful, spiritual, and lasting friendships among those in this unique life stage. Together we evaluate our values and goals around faith, relationships, and vocation and learn to navigate the art of discernment in a complex and changing world. Overall, we hope to encourage each other to follow Jesus in blessing others.

Opt In!

There are multiple avenues through which you can opt into our community life! At the beginning of each trimester (September, January, and May), we launch a variety of gatherings that range from content-based Small Groups to connections-based mid-sized events. Not sure where to start? Keep updated on our webpage or join for an in-person casual lunch after Sunday worship service at our Arlington campus.

Questions? Contact Pastor Justin

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