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SoulCare Community

Paying Attention

As part of the SoulCare community, SoulCare Partners meet monthly to practice paying attention to our souls, opening to the loving presence of Jesus, and learning the art of spiritual companioning – that is, creating safe listening spaces for honest spiritual conversations. Everyone is welcome, particularly if you are longing to experience more of God in your life, desire to try new contemplative practices, want to grow in your ability to create safe listening spaces for honest spiritual conversations, or are interested in becoming a SoulCare Partner.

Meeting venues vary depending on the month and are either held in person in Lexington, MA or online via Zoom.

Open Yourself to the Loving Presence of Jesus

Soul care is intentionally taking time to notice what is happening in your soul and open yourself to the loving presence of Jesus. As a SoulCare community, we meet monthly to practice paying attention to our souls and to one another. Everyone is welcome at these drop-in meetings, no matter your Highrock affiliation, lifestage, gender, marital status, etc. At SoulCare gatherings you will practice and learn how to become more present to Jesus, your life, and the lives of others, and you will be part of a community where you will be encouraged to serve others as you grow in your relationship with God. Through things like deep listening in triads, reading and reflecting on writings, and engaging in other soul care practices you’ll learn new tools that will sustain you long after the meeting. Trained SoulCare members also minister as Spiritual Guides.

SoulCare gatherings are for everyone. Join us if:

  • You feel like life is moving too fast
  • You feel stuck or dry in your faith
  • You are longing to experience more of God in your life
  • You’d like to connect with people who are mature in their faith and/or who are in lifestages different from your own
  • You’d like to engage in spiritual practices
  • You’d like to learn how to become a better listener or offer your gift of listening to others


To learn more, please contact SoulCare director Carolyn van Oloo at

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