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Spiritual Guides

Spiritual Life has Many Seasons

Perhaps things are pretty good with you and God, but you wonder how you can go deeper. Or maybe you feel flat, stuck, or downright in the darkness.

Sound familiar? Spiritual life has many seasons. Whatever season you are in, Highrock’s Spiritual Guides create a safe listening space for honest spiritual conversations. Based on the ancient practice of spiritual direction, Guides help you explore how you can partner with the Holy Spirit for life change.

Holding Space to Notice God's Presence

Anyone who wants to have a conversation about their spiritual journey is welcome to make an appointment at any time. You will meet with two Guides online for an hour at a time of your choosing and receive a follow-up email summarizing what you discussed.  If you are a member of the Highrock Family, an appointment with the Guides is a part of the annual membership renewal process and a way we care for you.

Watch this short video to hear from real people about their first Guides meeting and what to expect.

Here to Listen

Spiritual Guides are currently based out of Highrock Arlington and Highrock MetroWest, but are online and therefore available to anyone. You may choose to book an appointment with a Guide from either congregation regardless of your own Highrock affiliation. All appointments are confidential.

Become a Guide

If you are interested in becoming a Guide, begin by joining our monthly SoulCare gatherings. SoulCare gatherings will help you notice, open up to, and embrace the presence of Jesus and help others to do the same. We have also compiled a number of resources and references for Guides for use during their training and service.

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