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Deep Water: What the Book of Jonah Teaches Us About Race, Politics, & Redemption

Anyone familiar with the Biblical story of Jonah knows that it is about someone who was swallowed by a fish. It sounds like a fairy tale that has little relevance to the serious issues we’re facing today. America is approaching a divisive election, our culture feels increasingly self-destructive, and non-Christians believe that Christianity has little to offer them. So after decades of doing it so inconsistently, Christians are wondering how to engage with politics and society in ways that could be more faithful to God and life-giving to our neighbors. What could a story about a fish possibly offer to these challenges? As it turns out, a lot! We’re in deep water of our own these days, and rather than running away, as Jonah tried to do, we want to dive in to discover what it looks like to love our neighborhoods and our nation the way God does.

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