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| June 6, 2024

Photo: The statue is called “Resurrection of the Fallen,” located at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, Los Angeles, CA.

I HAVE to go to Church! by Pastor George Cladis

I’m sure you heard that old joke. A mother walks into her son’s bedroom on a Sunday morning, opens the curtains to let the sun in and says,

“Rise and shine! It’s time for church!”

Her son turns over, “Ah, mom! I don’t wanna go to church!”

She replies, “Come on – you’re going to be late!”

“But I don’t wanna go!”

Mom exclaims, “You have to! You’re the minister!

Similarly, I HAVE to go to church! In fact, nearly my entire life, I have been in church on Sundays. Usually because I’m the minister, but when I was in business, and even on some vacation Sundays, I’ve been in church.

And sometimes I didn’t want to go! Sometimes I had to drag myself out of bed, down a few cups of strong, black coffee, and head off…to preach!

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on that. I realize that all that time in church has actually really helped me. I’m glad I HAD to go to church! I am by no means a perfect person. I am daily aware of my flaws and failures. But I’ve wondered what I would be if I had not gone to church all those Sundays. My conclusion? I think I would be far worse. Oh, maybe not a serial killer or political terrorist. But I’m certain many of the sharp points of my character would not have been worn down by years and years of hearing…

The parable of the Good Samaritan: would I stop to help the beaten man?

The story of the prophet Nathan challenging David: would I have that courage?

The story of David being confronted by Nathan: would I be moved to repentance?

The story of Peter getting out of the boat on a turbulent sea: do I have that kind of faith?

And I could go on and on. Every Sunday, some sentence of Scripture, some words in a sermon, some lyric, some part of a prayer, challenged or comforted me, and enabled me to face the world again.

Frankly, I’m not sure I would have made it without going to church because I HAD to.

Many years ago, after church on a Sunday, I sat on a bench in front of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, staring at a sculpture. A strong arm is reaching down from above grasping an arm reaching up from below:

I waited patiently for the Lord;
he turned to me and heard my cry.
He lifted me out of the slimy pit,
out of the mud and mire;
he set my feet on a rock.

Psalm 40: 1-2 (A Psalm of David)

Where would I be today if I didn’t know, from all those prior years, that a Strong Arm from Above was able to pull me out of the miry pit?

So, for you who drag yourself and maybe your kids to church Sunday after Sunday – Sundays when you’re tired, burned out, bored, and distracted – more is happening inside you than you may ever know.

— Pastor George

Highrock MetroWest worship service on June 9 (Race Day) will only be at 8:45 am. Joy for Joy starts at 10 am. 

Dual Citizens: Living Between Two Kingdoms starts June 2

What are the two topics we’re not supposed to talk about? Religion and politics. Talking about them together? Yikes… Many of us have learned the hard way to avoid these subjects because we’re either burnt out, frustrated, or cynical. We’re often left with a series of compromises leaving us feeling disappointed and hopeless. Should Christians go all in on politics? Should we walk away altogether?  Or is there another way? Jesus tells us to live like dual citizens- members of His Kingdom, defined by love and solidarity, yet also invested in the world we share with our neighbors. How do we do this? Join us as we explore how Jesus calls us to work towards mutual flourishing even amid a political culture that seems determined to turn us against each other. 

More information and a study guide can be found HERE.

This Sunday, June 9: Living as Exiles: 1 Peter 2:9–12, will be shown on Highrock Online. In-person this Sunday at MetroWest is Pastor George preaching a brief message entitled Run the Good Race based on Hebrews 12:1-3.


Please note that worship will be held at MetroWest only at 8:45 am on Sunday, June 9, due to the start of the Jog for Joy 5K at 10 am.

June 9 Worship at 8:45 only.

Please note that worship at Highrock MetroWest on Sunday, June 9, will be at 8:45 am only. It will be a 30 minute service prior to participating in the Jog for Joy that starts at 10 am. 

Jog for Joy, Sunday, June 9, 10 am

In 2019, Highrock MetroWest hosted a 5K fun run in support of mental health resources for teens, and a rockin’ party to celebrate. We raised enough money to sustain Youth Mental Health First Aid courses offered locally for several years, and we partnered with people from all over to spread a little light into a dark season. Since then, we’ve hosted the annual jog resulting in tens of thousands of dollars being given away to organizations doing good work for our teens and their families.

This year the Jog for Joy moves to a warmer month! Join us, Sunday, June 9th, for a classic 5K race experience with professional timing and a post-race party with food and awards – fun for the whole family! We’d love to have you join as a participant OR volunteer in hosting the event. For those who can’t make it in person, register as a virtual participant and support the cause from wherever you are!

Whether you walk, jog, roll, or stroll, you’ll be supporting these amazing organizations:

Needham Youth and Family Services (Needham, MA)

Hope Psychological Services (Lexington & Arlington MA)

For more information and to register for the race and/or sign up as a volunteer HERE!

NOTE: Worship at MetroWest will be a shortened service starting at 8:45 am on this Jog for Joy Race Day. There will be no 10 am service. 

More Ways to Go Deeper!

MetroWest Prays on Monday evenings at 8:30 pm by ZOOM. Prayer Requests can be sent to the prayer team via this form or contact Foluke Ajayi. The prayer group is on break until June 3. The June 3 prayer meeting will be in-person at MetroWest from 7 – 8 pm.

Highrock MetroWest Thursday Men’s Group: Click here for more info.  Note, this group is taking a break. Watch the weekly newsletter for updates.

For Moms! The MetroWest chapter of Momsrock meets most Friday mornings at 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall.

Daily (M -Th) Devotional Group for Anyone with Pastor Ryan Marshall – Click for more info.

New Groups! We have newly formed Highrock MetroWest small groups. Contact Pastor George for more information.

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