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Kim Roberts


The Cafe at Highrock Arlington: 14 Mill St., Arlington, MA


English Language Program (ESL) for Japanese Speakers

We offer English classes for those who have moved from Japan and are eager to improve their English and adjust to their new home.

Each week, students can attend a large group gathering and a small group class according to their English level. There are also optional gatherings/classes offered randomly featuring topics such as cooking, aerobics, flower arranging, etc., as well as an optional weekly class on Exploring Christianity.

Each semester promises a new selection of optional classes and outings that help build community. In each weekly class, the instructors utilize an ESL curriculum that covers both English language and American living. Topics include pronunciation, vocabulary, conversation, and understanding American culture.

New this year, we will be offering Community Connection, an informal, in-person weekly get-together to practice conversational English and make new friends.

The Spring 2024 Semester of ESL will start Friday, April 12th and last through June 14th. There will be no classes during the School Vacation Week (April 15-19). We will meet on Fridays at 9am on Zoom as a large group and then in different small group classes throughout the week. We have in-person and Zoom options available and the class sign up spreadsheet will be emailed to you after you register.

Register for the Spring 2024 ESL program

Class Descriptions

We offer three levels of English classes. 

  • Students should have a basic level of reading and listening skills in English. They should be able to understand simple questions and be able to carry on small talk on a simple level.


    • Building confidence in speaking
    • Introducing common vocabulary and usage
    • Provide grammar at the basic level
    • Ability to do light small talk



  • Students should have more confidence with English and be able to have  more diverse conversations. In small talk, students can express more opinions and use expressions and their grammar is more fine-tuned and speech more free-flowing.


    • Confidence in speaking and asking questions
    • Expanding into more moderate and advanced vocabulary
    • Improving or advancing grammar
    • Ability to express thoughts and opinions more comfortably in a group setting

  • Students have a strong sense of both speech and comprehension. Typically, student have spent at least three years in an English-speaking environment and have been engaging regularly with English speakers.

    Lessons have greater variety than lower levels including:

    • Practicing daily living discussions (Ex. finding a maintenance worker,  choosing the right daycare, talking about dining experiences)
    • Fun games based on word usage, communicating, team building (Ex.  Codenames, Scrabble, Apples to Apples)
    • Discussing and reporting on current events or news
    • Sharing about professional experiences


    • Expressing thoughts in creative ways
    • Critical thinking and problem-solving
    • Heightened awareness of American culture

Optional Events

| You're Invited!

Exploring Christianity Class

Our weekly optional Exploring Christianity class takes place immediately following the Friday morning large group class. This class is an opportunity to learn more about what Christianity is, hear life stories from people who are part of Highrock Church, and have small group discussions to learn from one another. There is no extra fee for participation.

Community Connection Events

Are you ready to start interacting in person again? If so, Community Connection is for you!  This optional and informal gathering (including kids!) takes place on Thursdays from 10:00am-12:00pm in the Loft at Highrock Arlington (14 Mill St.) for conversation, connection, and snacks, and is open for anyone to join. It is a great opportunity to make new friends – no registration required!

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