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Advent, Winter, Lent

| 2023-2024

Luke Sermon Series

Three new sermon series for Advent, Winter, and Lent, all based on the book of Luke.

From Advent to Easter, Highrock will be doing a deep dive into the Gospel of Luke. Luke writes to a community that is a lot like ours—followers of Jesus who lived in an uncertain and tumultuous time and were learning what it meant to have a new kind of life in Jesus’ Kingdom. We’ll consider why the Kingdom of Jesus is such good news, how to it affects our day-to-day lives and relationships, and how we can let go of the things that keep us from that new life. We’ll be teaching on a selection from Luke each Sunday, as well as going through Luke on our Daily Devotionals throughout the season. We hope you’ll join us!

  • Luke I: The Coming Kingdom

    Advent: December 3—24

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  • Luke II: Kingdom Life

    Winter: December 31—February 11

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  • Luke III: Kingdom Costs

    Lent: February 18—March 24

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