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Theology Lab

Welcome to Theology Lab, an online learning community at Highrock.

At Theology Lab we ask questions like, Who is God? and How should we read the Bible? We bring faith into conversation with important topics like race and ethnicity, and themes such as American evangelicalism. Our goal is to create communities where depth of learning goes hand-in-hand with growing in a spirit of generosity toward others. 

Each year Theology Lab offers a public discussion series that you can participate in. This year’s offerings are listed below.

Questions can be sent to

Theology Lab Podcast

Audio recordings of select Theology Lab discussions are available as podcasts via the Theology Lab RSS, as well as on Highrock’s podcast channel.

Current Offerings: 2023-2024

  • God & Money

    Our God & Money series addresses the challenging questions of a faithful relationship to wealth and the use of money: Are all Christians called to lives of simplicity? How should we go about alleviating poverty?

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  • Scripture & Tradition

    Our Scripture & Tradition series explores different ways of reading and interpreting the Bible. We’ll also consider approaches that allow us to see the value of our own experiences and communal traditions when reading the Bible.

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