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Dual Citizens: Living Between Two Kingdoms

What are the two topics we’re not supposed to talk about? Religion and politics. Talking about them together? Yikes… Many of us have learned the hard way to avoid these subjects because we’re either burnt out, frustrated, or cynical. We’re often left with a series of compromises leaving us feeling disappointed and hopeless. Should Christians go all in on politics? Should we walk away altogether?  Or is there another way? Jesus tells us to live like dual citizens- members of His Kingdom, defined by love and solidarity, yet also invested in the world we share with our neighbors. How do we do this? Join us as we explore how Jesus calls us to work towards mutual flourishing even amid a political culture that seems determined to turn us against each other. 

Sermon Schedule

  1. June 2 — Seek the good of the city. (Jeremiah 29:1-9) — Dave Swaim
  2. June 9 — What does it mean to live as “exiles” in our current reality? (1 Peter 2:9-12) — Taylor Burgoyne
  3. June 16 — Relationship to Ourselves (2 Timothy 1:7) — John Mury
  4. June 23 — Relationship to Neighbors (Romans 12:9-21) — Walt Quick
  5. June 30 — Relationship to Power (Romans 13:1-6) — Meghan DeJong

Series Companion Guide

Deepen your learning with prayer and reflection prompts that accompany the sermons. These can be used individually or in groups.

Series Companion Guide (PDF)

Sunday Sermon Discussion

Every Sunday an open small group gathers via Zoom at 11am ET to discuss that week’s sermon. This group will gather in lieu of an Online small group for this sermon series.

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Supporting Resources

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