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Resources for Christian Story

At its heart, Christianity is a Story

What is Christianity all about? We believe that the Christian faith, at its heart, is a grand story that illuminates all of life.

Through The Christian Story curriculum you’ll be introduced to an understanding of how the Bible, as a diverse collection of books and writings, hangs together so as to tell the story of God’s faithfulness, how it speaks to questions of belonging and solidarity, and how this story brings about transformation in our lives and in the world.

Below find all of the Christian Story course videos. Watch them in order as you take the course, or view them individually to learn more about a topic of personal interest. Alternatively, all videos may be watched in sequence via the Christian Story playlist on YouTube.


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Session 1

Creation: Genesis 1-3

Session 2

The Old Testament: Promises and Covenants

Session 3

Exile and the Great Predicament

Session 4

Jesus’ Life and Ministry

Session 5

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

Session 6


Session 7