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Milestone 6: The Bible

This Milestone is a celebration centered around God’s Word and is geared toward second graders and any older elementary child who has not completed this Milestone previously. Knowing that many children learn to read by second grade, we want to present them with an age-appropriate Bible and give parents and kids the tools and encouragement to read it, study it, and live it out. To get started, we have two videos and various resources and challenges that families can do on their own, or with other parents and kids participating in this Milestone.

Milestone 6: The Bible

Teaching Videos

Bible Challenges

  • The Bible Challenge has four main goals. First, this experience is designed to help students hide God’s Word in their hearts by having them memorize recommended Bible Verses. Second, it helps prepare students to navigate God’s Word by having them memorize the Books of the Bible in order. Third, the Bible Challenge includes reading The Story for Kidsa story version of the Bible that walks through God’s Word in novel form and which helps kids see the Bible as one big story. Finally, The Bible Challenge is designed to help students connect with Kidsrock leaders and pastors at Highrock in an effort to guide them into deeper relationships with the whole church community. Students who complete their challenges are rewarded with “Highrock Stones Store” credit, which allows them to purchase treats like toys, candy, and gift cards.

  • For our third through fifth graders, or those who have previously completed the Bible Challenge, we offer the opportunity to re-read The Story for Kids and memorize different Bible verses through The Double Bible Challenge. Once again, participating students can earn “Highrock Stones Store” credits to purchase treats like toys, candy, or gift cards.


We have created two means of celebrating or marking this Milestone as a way of helping kids grasp the significance of this new gift in their life.

  • First, we celebrate at church by holding a Bible Presentation Ceremony. Kids will be presented a Bible during a morning worship service. During the ceremony, kids will participate in a short call and response affirming the blessing and commitment that goes along with receiving their Bible. For those participating through our Highrock Online campus, special arrangements will be made with the family to do an at-home presentation.

  • Second, we encourage parents/guardians to Mark the Moment at home. We invite parents/guardians to read God’s Word with their kids and to journey through the story together. Marking the moment at home is a way to begin that process and acknowledge this Milestone by writing an encouraging letter to the child and possibly doing a shared experience together.



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We hope this has been a helpful resource for you as we continue partnering in raising a Jesus-loving generation. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please feel free to contact our Family Ministry Administrator, Jill Swilling at

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