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Taking even a small step towards improved mental health can make a huge difference. These resources are intended to be a starting point for people looking to take steps to support their mental health. If you would like help navigating any of the resources below or would like to talk with someone about what a good next step for you could be, you are invited to reach out to a Highrock Pastor or our Director of Small Groups, Abby Rice, at We are not mental health professionals, but would like to assist as we are able in getting you the care you need. Remember, your PCP/doctor can provide an assessment of what you are experiencing and also make therapy referrals. You may also consider contacting your insurance provider who can provide a list of therapists in the area who accept your insurance plan.

If you are in crisis or are thinking of harming yourself:
call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Resource List

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General Mental Health Services

    • Psychology Today‘s international database of therapists, support groups, treatment centers, etc. is extensive and user-friendly. Search by specialty, location, insurance coverage and more.
    • If applicable, research your employer’s EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for free short-term counseling referral services. Some EAP programs include a few free counseling sessions per referral.
    • Residents of participating Massachusetts communities can access the free referral service INTERFACE to get connected with a mental health provider.
    • Therapy Matcher  is a free referral service for all Massachusetts residents looking for a clincal social worker who does therapy.
    • This Guide for Finding Mental Health Support created by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) includes a wealth of tips and additional resources on finding mental health support in the state.
    • Interfaith Social Services* meets many needs in their South Shore community, including providing counseling on a sliding-fee pay scale.
    • For residents of Somerville, Cambridge, Medford, or Arlington, MA, Looking Glass Counseling is offering free 45-minute counseling sessions specifically for mental health issues related to COVID-19

Demographic-Specific Resources

Resources for Kids, Teens & Families

  • A PCP/doctor or school counselor can be a great resource for guidance when looking to support your child or teen. Several school districts in the Boston area are also posting area-specific resources and can help students connect to mental health support.

Mental Health Apps

    • Calm is a popular app for mindfulness, relaxation and sleep.
    • Headspace offers guided mindfulness and relaxation techniques rooted in ancient history and modern science, aimed at helping individuals or whole workplaces.
    • Find mindfulness activities geared towards reducing stress and increasing calm at Stop, Breathe and Think, with special sections for students and teachers.

Other Needs?

If you are looking for prayer support, please email us at