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June 13, 2024 Newsletter

| Highrock MetroWest, 754 Greendale Ave. Needham MA

Spotlight on a Highrock MetroWest High School Graduate

During the summer, we will feature articles or interviews with Highrock MetroWest students. This week: Nathan Manasseh. 

Nathan is the son of Chris and Priya Manasseh of Highrock MetroWest. He graduated from Rivers School and will attend Boston University in the fall. He is still exploring God’s will for his life, but is considering International Relations as an interest at this time.

Pastor George: Nathan, in what ways have you participated in the life of the church over the years?

Nathan: I’ve been in worship bands and leadership for many years, often with my family. It grew to be something I looked forward to. When I was younger, I wasn’t much of a fan of worship music, but as I played it, I grew more and more interested in it. I found that to be true with other music genres as well: I might have little interest in them until I started playing them, and then they grew on me.

PG: Sounds like you’ve been around church all your life.

N: I am so used to the church environment. It’s been a part of my life and my family’s life since the beginning.

PG: Has church been helpful to you? You don’t have to give me the answer you think I want : )

N: I feel really positive about churchgoing. In fact, I think it’s really important. It’s critical to be in a Community of Believers that helps you grow in your faith. Oh, no one is 100% attentive at church, and, honestly, some days I don’t want to go at all. But, overall, I find church really meaningful. Sometimes it is a routine and I don’t think much about it, but then I also find the routine of going to church helpful spiritually.

 PG: In what ways have you served in the church and have you found those experiences to be meaningful or helpful?

N: Mostly, I’ve served in the worship band. But I’ve also been on the tech team, as a greeter, helped with SoulFood, and volunteered with the kids. In a previous church, I was the children’s Handbell Choir Director – that was a lot of fun.

PG: Have these roles of serving helped you in your faith?

N: Being in the worship band helped me understand what the song lyrics mean. I learned how meaningful the lyrics can be and why they help us worship God. These are not just songs to sing but songs that help worship happen – they’ve had a strong impact on my faith. Serving also helps me connect to other people and be part of a community. Helping out in Summer Blast, Vacation Bible School in another church, and other ways, builds strong connections with the church community, and I find that really important. People need to know serving is a really good way to grow in faith and community. I struggle in my faith at times, but being in a church community is very beneficial.

PG: What other observations do you have of church life?

N: I think church leadership needs to think first about how to serve the people. Sometimes churches get too into how many people they can get to come to their church – and that’s important – but serving the people is more important. Also, church leaders in general need to be transparent with their congregations, be open and honest, and say what’s really going on. Accountability is critical. It is also helpful when the church is able to tolerate different views in politics and accept people from different backgrounds.

PG: Thank you, Nathan, for your reflections and we bless you as you round a corner and begin your college years.

Dual Citizens: Living Between Two Kingdoms

What are the two topics we’re not supposed to talk about? Religion and politics. Talking about them together? Yikes… Many of us have learned the hard way to avoid these subjects because we’re either burnt out, frustrated, or cynical. We’re often left with a series of compromises leaving us feeling disappointed and hopeless. Should Christians go all in on politics? Should we walk away altogether?  Or is there another way? Jesus tells us to live like dual citizens- members of His Kingdom, defined by love and solidarity, yet also invested in the world we share with our neighbors. How do we do this? Join us as we explore how Jesus calls us to work towards mutual flourishing even amid a political culture that seems determined to turn us against each other.

More information and a study guide can be found HERE.

This Sunday, June 15: Not Afraid. 2 Timothy 1:1-7. Pastor John Mury in-person at MetroWest.

Kidsrock News!

Hello MetroWest Families, 

The school year is done and Summer is officially here! As we wrap up another wonderful year of Kidsrock, I want to let you know about our summer schedule. 

This Summer we will be taking two weeks completely off (June 30th, and July 7th). There will be NO kids programming during those two weeks. Many of us will be away, including the majority of our volunteers. We will resume with summer Kidsrock programming July 14th, where all the elementary kids will be together in one large group. 

That being said, our LAST Sunday of Kidsrock for this school year will be June 23rd. Our 5th graders will have a special class (5th grade Milestone) in which they will spend some time talking about friends, families, role models, and moving up to middle school! Stay tuned for more Middle School information from Pastor Michael Taber! 

For any questions about Kidsrock, our summer schedule, or getting plugged in next school year please don’t hesitate to reach out to Grace Taber, 


Ways to Go Deeper!

MetroWest Prays on Monday evenings at 8:30 pm by ZOOMPrayer Requests can be sent to the prayer team via this form or contact Foluke Ajayi. The prayer group is on break until June 3. The June 3 prayer meeting will be in-person at MetroWest from 7 – 8 pm.

Highrock MetroWest Thursday Men’s Group: Click here for more info.  Note, this group is taking a break. Watch the weekly newsletter for updates.

For Moms! The MetroWest chapter of Momsrock meets most Friday mornings at 9:30 am in Fellowship Hall, but is taking a summer break.

Daily (M -Th) Devotional Group for Anyone with Pastor Ryan Marshall – Click for more info.

New Groups! We have newly formed Highrock MetroWest small groups. Contact Pastor George for more information.

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