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Considering membership? We recognize that people interact with the church in different ways – read on to see how to engage deeper with your Highrock community!


Three Levels of Participation

All are welcome to worship with us in community, and we've identified three basic levels of participation for those who do.

  • Family Members are Highrockers who are passionate about our Values and Mission, and who partner together to live them out. They have been baptized and are committed to being in a small group community, tithing, and serving the church through participating on a ministry team and in our Family Member meetings. Family Members vote on significant matters in the church, such as our annual budget. They also have access to leadership positions, such as the Board of Councilors.

  • Friends are involved people who give, serve, and participate in the life of our church, but have decided not to become Family Members. While they do not vote, they can hold certain leadership positions (such as small group leader) and are welcome to attend our Family Member meetings.

  • Guests are those who are always welcome, but who have no commitment to us. They can participate in our ministries and use our resources but are not involved in voting decisions.

Better Together: Joining the Highrock Family

Becoming a Family Member at Highrock is open to baptized believers who have attended our membership class Better Together: Joining the Highrock Family to learn about Highrock’s vision, values, and mission. Check with your Pastor to see when your congregation is hosting its next class. There will also be classes offered virtually via Zoom for anyone to join. Check our calendar to see when the next one will be.

Preparation for the Class

In preparation for the Better Together class, please read Highrock’s constitution, which outlines Highrock’s vision, values, and operating principles. Review the document prior to class, and find something that interests you or about which you have a question so that we can discuss it together.

Family Membership Renewal

Family Membership is a year-long commitment that must be renewed annually. If you are a current Family Member and wish to renew your membership or have a conversation about your involvement at Highrock, please fill out the Family Member Renewal Form below. You will be invited to answer some reflection questions, and then select a Pastor, Ministry Staff, or Highrock Guide to meet with. They will follow up with you to schedule a time to meet.


To ask about classes or the meaning of church Family, Friend, or Guest, contact Pastor Walt at
To check membership status, contact Human Resources Director, Katie Vogele-Bongiovanni at