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Meghan DeJong

Justified Anger's Black History for a New Day

If you have felt convicted or challenged by the racial conflict you have witnessed in your own life or on the news, this is an excellent course to develop a deeper understanding of what you are seeing.

Highrock is partnering with Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development to offer Justified Anger’s Black-led and Black-created history course Black History for a New Day, which invites participants to humbly and courageously explore the connection between America’s current racial dynamics and its history, with an eye towards pursuing justice personally and collectively. Geared especially towards non-Black allies or would-be allies in the fight for racial justice, this course aims to root participants in a historical understanding of today’s racial disparities in order to forge a path towards solidarity, equality, compassion, and stronger communities in the future.

What To Expect

Each week participants will watch a video lecture on their own time featuring history professors from University of Wisconsin – Madison and then will meet with their Small Group over Zoom at an agreed upon time for 90 minutes to debrief and process. Please note that Small Groups assignments will be based on racial/ethnic identity in order to facilitate healthy processing and growth.


The fee for the course is $220, and financial assistance is available.


This course is offered periodically at Highrock. To find out when it will be offered next, or for more details, please contact Pastor Meghan at

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