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Brand Guide


From the beginning, we’ve always had an identity at Highrock. We’ve tried from the start to stand for something as a church and to be very deliberate about who we are and what we want to become. Values like community, relevance, relationships, and grace are things that have always been a part of our DNA. We have also striven to reflect our values, beliefs, and ideals in our logo and to tie in our aims of connecting to God, his people, and his purposes.

Using the Brand Guide

In this guide, you’ll find general rules around using our brand assets and showcasing Highrock Church and Highrock Online content. The rules apply to all media, including print, signage, graphic design, website, and broadcast related to Highrock Online’s identity and promotion.

Highrock Logo

The full-color Highrock primary logo should be used almost exclusively. Where not possible, one of the logo variations may be used as an alternate (see “Logo Variations”). This is to make sure the logo and brand are used in a consistent manner across all communications.

Logo Variations

In rare instances, when the primary Highrock logo (above) can’t be used, one of the variations below should be used in its place. Each logo variation has individual usage guidelines which should be followed when deciding which logo to use.

Icon: Highrock House

The Highrock house icon should be used sparingly, in cases such as social media profile images or merchandise, and only when it is clear the communication is coming from Highrock Church.

Clear Space Area

The Highrock logo should always be surrounded by a minimum area of space. This clear space ensures that headlines, text, or other visual elements do not encroach on the logo. The minimum required space around the bounding box of the logo is equal to the width of the “star” in the Highrock logo.

Minimum Size

There are no predetermined sizes for the Highrock logo. Scale and proportion should be determined by the available space, aesthetics, function, and visibility.

There is no preset maximum size for the Highrock logo; however, minimum sizes are shown below. These sizes have been set to safeguard the integrity of the logo at all times.


Our tagline, “An Evangelical Covenant Church,” should only be used in conjunction with the Highrock logo when speaking to an outside audience. When using the tagline in conjunction with the logo, the word “church” from the master logo is removed and only the approved version should be used.


Highrock’s colors are variations of blue and gray. Highrock’s primary color is “Highrock Blue,” a deep cobalt color. This blue should be used as the primary color in any design while using the remaining three colors as accents. Gray can be used within designs but should be primarily reserved for text.


Freight Sans Pro is our primary typeface used in all communication materials and should be utilized for headlines or other large calls to action. In case your computer does not have Freight Sans Pro, please use Yantramanav for internal presentations such as email signatures.

Church Variations


Individual church logos should only be used on materials and communications to the respective congregations. Any communication to the entire Highrock network should utilize the primary Highrock logo or Highrock network logo, as well as the blue and gray color palette.

Primary Logo

The vertical version of the logo (top) should be used 90% of the time and is considered that church’s primary logo. Only when the vertical version does not fit at a reasonable size should the horizontal version (bottom) be used.


Individual churches have their own unique color. Each individual color can be used in conjunction with Highrock’s primary color palette of blues and grays. A church’s unique color should not be changed or swapped with any other church.

Church Brand Assets (via Dropbox)

Ministry Logos

Individual ministry wordmarks should not overpower or detract from Highrock’s primary logo or the individual church logos. They are meant to be supporting elements and are therefore designed as such.


Because these logos are not meant to overshadow Highrock’s primary logos, no other icon, besides the house should be used. Creating a new icon or logo would weaken the equity in Highrock’s house logo, cause confusion, and create an inconsistent and non-unified brand.


In two-color situations, the reference to Highrock, whether it be through the full word “Highrock” or “rock,” should always appear in Highrock’s primary blue. In one-color situations, it should appear in a darker shade than the other identifying word.

Additional Ministry Logos

When additional ministry logos need to be created, they should be designed in a similar fashion following the pattern below. They should utilize the same Highrock logotype and be customized in a similar fashion. They should also be named in a similar way with the unique ministry name followed by the word “rock.” Colors and house logo should follow suit as well.