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Highrock MetroWest News

| September 7, 2023

A Message from Pastor George

Highrock MetroWest’s Ministry of the People


Most of you know by now two things:

 1) Highrock faces a challenge akin to a financial Perfect Storm. Pastor Dave has provided a detailed account of the circumstances in his message, which can be accessed here. For an understanding of the outcomes stemming from this situation, please review the information available under the “What Are We Doing Now” tab. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Pastor Dave’s notice, I encourage you to do so to stay informed.

2) Pastor Dave and the Board of Councilors asked me to take on a strong role in the financial management of Highrock as we navigate these stormy waters to a better place. While I am experienced in these matters, my usual practice involves assembling a proficient lay financial team to provide advice and guidance within church organizations. I’ve initiated this process by bringing on board Rob Hull from MetroWest to bolster our capabilities in this regard. I also join a capable staff team that includes Drew Hunter, Katie Vogele-Bongiovanni, and Emilyn Wang; and the accounting firm of CapinCrouse.

I am currently in my first week in this new role, and I’d like to share some initial reflections. First, I want to emphasize that I am still an integral part of the pastoral staff at Highrock MetroWest. I have a deep affection for the staff and the wonderful people of MetroWest, and I’m truly delighted by the way we’re witnessing God’s transformative presence among us. While I continue to play a central role in convening and leading our staff, it’s important to note that our team thrives on collaboration, and the collective wisdom we harness is a testament to our reliance on the Lord’s guidance. Highrock has indeed enriched MetroWest with a formidable and united team.

Second, this is a pivotal moment for our congregation as we transition from first gear to second gear. I stand as just one example of how the Highrock staff is embracing increased responsibilities, and there are now numerous opportunities for volunteer leaders to engage in meaningful activities alongside us. Collaborative ministry experiences not only nourish our spiritual growth but also shift the focus from a staff-driven approach to one powered by the collective efforts of our community—a transformation that benefits us all. I encourage you to view this as an opportunity to come together and strengthen our ministry of God’s love, and remember that your offerings of time and money multiply what we can do as God’s people. The staff will work with Highrock MetroWest’s Congregational Leadership Team to identify roles we can all play to involve more people in leadership and service. Watch for these opportunities, tailored for busy people, soon.

We will move through this time with grace, but there may be some pain involved for our church as Pastor Dave noted. Lori and I are all in. I know I speak for the MetroWest staff and leaders as well. Combining our offerings of time and resources, we’ll see this through to a better place! And the church as an organization will be better as well. We will learn from this experience, improve our systems and communications, and achieve more visibility into the workings of Highrock. And, we’ll include more and more people in leadership and ministry. 

Thank you and blessings, Pastor George.

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Theology Lab: God and Money

Theology Lab returns this fall with an exciting year-long (2023-2024) discussion series on the theme of God & Money.

Historically, differences in opinion on money have caused divisions in the church. But at Highrock our mission is to be boundary-crossing communities of people characterized by curiosity and compassion. To that end, this year’s online Theology Lab discussions will address the challenging questions of a faithful relationship to wealth and the use of money, questions like: Are all Christians called to lives of simplicity? How should we go about alleviating poverty? Read more and register for Theology Lab here.

News & Announcements

Beyond Belief: The Promises of the Apostles’ Creed

What does it mean to believe something? Is it agreeing with facts and information? A gut feeling? Blind faith? “I believe” is the opening line of the Apostles’ Creed, one of the earliest statements of faith in the Christian church. It speaks to the character and work of God, the life of Jesus, the church, the hope of new life, and more. But what does it mean to believe in those things? Is it about mere agreement or something more? This fall, we will consider how the Creed invites us beyond belief and into a dynamic, life-changing relationship with the God whose promises are worth believing, and who calls us to make promises of our own. More information here including preachers, topics, online and in-person small groups based on the sermons preached, and a sermon study guide.


Mental Health and Faith Book Club

Are you interested in learning more about how to integrate your Christian faith and your mental health? Do you want to find resources but you’re not sure where to start? Do you want to talk with others who are on this journey? Then join Pastor Ryan and his wife, Andrea, for their Mental Health and Faith Book Club. 

Come to each session having read or listened to the book for that date. Bring your take-aways and your hesitations and be ready to have a good conversation. All sessions will be via Zoom. 

September 27th 8-9:30pm 

Read: On Getting Out of Bed: The Burden and Gift of Living by Alan Noble

October 25th 8-9:30pm

Read: The Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life by Tish Harrison Warren

November 29th 8-9:30pm

Read: Attached to God: A Practical Guide to Deeper Spiritual Experience by Krispin Mayfield

More to come in the new year!

Note: This group is not clinical therapy. Pastor Ryan can assist you in finding clinical care should the need arise. 

Contact: Pastor Ryan

Register Here

Kidsrock Registration Form

Kidsrock has begun! Please take a moment to register your child/children: REGISTER HERE!  Unless unable to serve in Kidsrock, please fill out our volunteer form here, and our Kidsrock Director, Grace Taber will get in contact with you.
For any questions please contact Grace Taber. 

Thursday Evening Men's Gathering Topics

The September Men’s Thursday Gathering meetings will include a 20-minute presentation by Pastor George on the topics below followed by a discussion:

September 7: The Politics of Jesus. How would Jesus vote?

September 14: Organized Religion: is God in it?

September 21: Just War? A quick view of how Christians understand war.

September 28: Can you be in business and not lose your soul?

The remaining September meetings are by zoom Thursdays from 8 – 9:15 pm. Get details HERE for zoom link and more.

Momsrock Fall Programming

If you are a mom of a teen, toddler, newborn, young adult, parenting on your own, or working in the home or out in your field, we have a group of moms who would love to hang out with you!

During the first half of the fall session of Momsrock, small groups and teaching will be focused on parenting. We will utilize videos and recorded teachings that focus on parenting younger children and older teens, depending on your group’s focus. In the second half of the fall session, we will be diving into “When You Pray.” Six beloved and respected female Bible teachers will help us study some of the Bible’s recorded prayers. As a group, we will then discuss how to use what we are learning to strengthen our own discipleship and life of prayer as moms.

Find the full schedule and more information on the registration page.

Youth Internships

Youth Internships   Highrock MetroWest volunteer youth internships for 2023-24. The program involves both service to the church and leadership development training resulting in a public ceremony in church and the presentation of a Certificate in Leadership Development for a Non-Profit. For more information on the HRMW program, contact Pastor George .

Ways to Go Deeper!

More Ways to Go Deeper!

New Groups! We have newly formed Highrock MetroWest small groups. Contact Pastor Taylor for more information.

Daily (M -Th) Devotional Group for Anyone with Pastor Ryan Marshall.

Highrock MetroWest Thursday Men’s Group

Find Daily Devos, Highrock sermons, Highrock Online, and more on your favorite platform! Search for “Highrock Church.” Examples: Spotify, YouTube.

HRMW Feedback Form

Let your church know how to improve worship and ministry to draw people into a deeper life with Jesus.

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