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Date & Time

Sunday, September 24

Highrock Arlington, 14 Mill St.

Carolyn Van Oloo

Voices of Reentry: Documentary Screening

Highrock Beyond Bars is hosting a screening of the documentary Voices of Re-Entry. The 40-minute screening is followed by a conversation with Kim Yeasir, CEO of Thrive Communities, and formerly incarcerated members of our community. This is an opportunity to be introduced to Highrock Beyond Bars and important issues around mass incarceration.

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Voices of Reentry creates space to talk and learn about life after a conviction and incarceration. It bridges the gap between people who have been directly impacted by mass incarceration and those who have not. Mass incarceration has wrought substantial harm to both individuals and the social fabric, and we have yet to reckon with how to heal that harm. By attending the screening, you will have the opportunity to listen to people whose experiences you don’t share.  This is a first step toward empathy, understanding, and civic healing. Through the act of telling stories, we build bridges of shared humanity. 

“There’s no blueprint for life after a conviction… there are so many disappointments, so many opportunities lost—housing, employment—just so much that comes with life after a conviction. And no one ever speaks about it.”Keith Ivey, speaking about his newly-restored right to vote on NPR in 2019.

Registration is required for this screening.