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Hidden No More



Hidden No More: Winter-Spring 2024

Hidden No More illuminates how Asian Americans are authors of both their own stories and the broader American story in a way that impacts us all.

Through nine lectures and discussions, we’ll witness how the experiences of Asian immigrants, exiles, and refugees have been shaped by U.S. global policies across time, and identify the unique pressures and presumptions placed upon Asians once here – as “not really American,” frequently invisible, sometimes a “model,” but often threatening.

We’ll focus primarily on events since the 1960s, as mass Asian immigration, the U.S. War on Terror, and COVID pandemic have significantly reshaped Asian American demographics and place in society.

We’ll consider the concept of “Asian America” as a movement for equality and solidarity with other people of color. Most of all, we’ll explore and deepen our understanding of what it means to be American.

This course is open to people of all racial and ethnic identities – whether you’re Asian American, a non-Asian ally, familiar with the content or totally new, we invite you on this journey through the history of [Asian] America together!

The registration cost for Hidden No More is $100. A limited number of scholarships are available for those unable to pay the full cost. To inquire about scholarships, please contact Greg Hsu.


Classes and Schedules

There are two Hidden No More groups to choose from this year, both launching in late February:

  • Tuesdays, 12:00-1:15 pm ET, via Zoom

    1. Tuesday, February 27
    2. Tuesday, March 5
    3. Tuesday, March 12
    4. Tuesday, March 19
    5. *break for Holy Week*
    6. Tuesday, April 2
    7. Tuesday, April 9
    8. *April/Spring Break week*
    9. Tuesday, April 23
    10. Tuesday, April 30
    11. Tuesday, May 7
  • Thursdays, 7:00-8:45 pm ET via Zoom

    1. Thursday, February 29
    2. Thursday, March 7
    3. Thursday, March 14
    4. Thursday, March 21
    5. *break for Holy Week*
    6. Thursday, April 4
    7. Thursday, April 11
    8. *April/Spring Break week*
    9. Thursday, April 25
    10. Thursday, May 2
    11. Thursday, May 9

    Note: the previously-offered option for in-person attendance has been canceled, but the Zoom options remain open.