What are Highrock Parishes?

At Highrock, we want to provide opportunities for spiritual friendships in which God is at work and people can grow and flourish together. In order to provide places where true spiritual community and personal spiritual relationships can form, we have developed Parishes

Highrock parishes are neighborhood communities of Highrockers marked by missional hospitality.  They provide the opportunity to reclaim the experience of small church within the context of a large church. Parishes are places to meet Christian neighbors so that small groups and personal friendships can form organically. Each parish will host programmed gatherings six times throughout the year. Through these meetings, we hope to form connections with one another that can lead us deeper into spiritual community while helping us connect to God and His purposes even more.  

In addition to providing points of connection for our community, we hope parishes will become centers of care and support for Highrockers as life's challenges come.  Each parish has a Shepherding Overseer as a member of its leadership. These Shepherding overseers have been charged by the members to think about the spiritual lives of our congregation.  They are people who would love to pray with you and provide counsel and support through spiritual matters.  

Who's Invited to Parishes?

Everyone is invited, and we hope that everyone will participate!  It should be noted, however, that Highrock's official members do play a special role in parishes.  They are the ones who are responsible for owning and planning parish life.  We encourage you to become a member soon if you are not already!  You can find out more about membership here.

What Happens in Parishes?

Although each parish is different and reflects the gifts and personalities of its members, each parish strives in creative ways to accomplish Highrock's mission of Connecting to God Personally (e.g., a program of worship/prayer/testimony), Connecting to God's People (e.g., fellowship, soul food meals, outings/gatherings, welcoming new Highrockers), and Connecting to God's Purposes (e.g., missional outreach in local communities).

Which Parish am I in?

Although you are welcome to attend any parish, we do encourage you to attend your neighborhood parish since it's easier to foster ongoing relationships with people who live in your neighborhood.  Click on map for a detailed view.

Parish Map

Connecting to a Parish

We'd love to help you get started. Please fill in the information below and we'll connect you to your parish coordinator! Thank you.


Your parish coordinator will be in touch with you shortly. In the meantime, if you have an idea of which parish you're a part of, check out Cobblestone for some upcoming events hosted by your parish!