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Our goal at Highrock is to help people grow closer to God and be transformed by His power in three ways: by Connecting to God Personally, through classic disciplines like prayer, study, confession, fasting, silence, liturgy, worship and so many others; Connecting to God's People, which is developing Christian relationships through which we can speak God's Words of grace and truth to each other, experience forgiveness and reconciliation; and Connecting to God's Purposes, which includes discovering God's call to us individually and congregationally to serve God by serving others using the unique gifts, personalities and opportunities He's given us.    

We want to help you form spiritual community and friendships in which God is at work and you can grow and flourish.  While we wish there were a simple, plug and play way to do that, genuine relationships require time, and grow organically.

Outlined below are some steps we've put together to help Highrockers, both old and new, grow deeper into community at our church. In each step we provide places and opportunities where true spiritual community and personal spiritual relationships can form. We realize that each person's journey will look a little different; please think of these steps more as a guide than a definitive road map.   

Whether you’re brand new at Highrock or have been attending for a while, our members and staff are excited to welcome you to our community and help you start getting connected. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact any member of our staff.

Welcome to Highrock!

First Step: Introductions

Sunday Worship Celebrations: Join us on Sundays as we worship as a Body of Christ together. And after service, stay for fellowship and mingle over refreshments at SoulCafe. 

Connection Cards: Connections cards help us learn more about you and help us find ways to welcome you into community. Please take a moment to fill out a connection card found in the pews or on our website.

Lunch with Dave: Meet our Lead Pastor Dave Swaim, and come learn more about our church. We’ll answer questions you have about Highrock and share stories over lunch. Interested? Send us an email,

Second Step: Participation

Lifestage Ministries: One of the main places to get to know others is through life stage ministry gatherings. Each ministry offers programming tailored to the life stage it serves. For more information, email one of our pastors.

Children: Pastor Brian,

Youth: Middle School - Pastor Brian,

Youth: High School School - Edwin,

College Students: Pastor Chris,

Singles: Pastor John,

Young Couples: Walt,

Families: Pastor Brian,

Connection Groups: A Connection group is a short-term group and a great opportunity to meet new people and participate in a shared activity or a Bible study or common interest. 

Join a Ministry:  Serving in a ministry at Highrock is a great way to engage in God’s purposes for our lives and to grow deeper in relationship with others. We’d love to help you find ways to get involved. 

Third Step: Commitment

Membership: Becoming an official member means committing to the mission and people of Highrock. Membership is open to all baptized believers who have attended our membership class. For more information, contact Abby at